Reasonable Doubt - Documentary

2013-08-14 1473 0 1 Rating: 4.0


A documentary about how and why people leave and doubt religion. Several people volunteered their time and videos for this. I did the editing, and shot the video of myself and of the guy named David.

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nirvana184 Said: 2013-08-18 22:42:47
Rating: 4

Title: Reasonable Doubt

Pros: I like the subject matter. Everyone who expressed their opinion had a very interesting point of view. The shots between the interviews were very good.

Cons: You`re mic had some feedback that was distracting. When doing and interview, it`s always good to not look directly at the camera. I understand its different for the two that were online and did it themselves, but the other two shouldn`t look straight at the viewer. It can be a little awkward.

Other Thoughts: Pretty good documentary.

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